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How to give credit to your producer properly

No matter if you use beats for non-profit or purchased a license – giving credit is a must when publishing your songs. Not only the artist if a song is important, the producer is as well!
Here are some examples on how you can be on the safe side when giving credit.

When publishing your songs or using beats as background music on YouTube or other video streaming websites

If you want to use text to give credit to the producer:

  • Add ‘(prod. by’ or ‘(prod. by Valentine) in the title of your video
  • Add ‘Produced by Valentine |’ in the description

If you do not want to use text to give credit:

  • Download the Valentine Beats Logo and put it at the beginning of your video with the heading ‘Beat produced by’

When publishing your songs on physical mediums

If it’s a Single:

  • Add ‘(prod. by Valentine Beats)’ somewhere on the Song Artwork Cover or Back Cover
  • Add ‘prod. by Valentine’ behind the Song Title

If it’s an Album:

  • Add ‘(prod. by Valentine Beats)’ somewhere on the Song Artwork Cover
  • Add ‘prod. by Valentine’ behind the Song Titles

If you have a credits section on your Album’s Cover, add it to the Credits section:

  • Add ‘prod. by Valentine Beats behind every Track on the Tracklist section
  • Add an Annotation which songs are produced by us on the Back Cover with our Website (e. g. prod. by Valentine Beats –

When publishing your songs on Digital Download Sites like Itunes, CDBaby or Amazon Music:

  • Add ‘(prod. by Valentine Beats)’ behind the Song’s Title

Do you have special situations or questions you need help with, or do you want to give credit differently but don’t know if you are doing it right and are on the safe side? Simply write your question in the comments below or send us a message using the contact section on our website!

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