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BEAT NAME: The Truth (w/Hook)

Dark Trap Beat with Synth, Piano, 808 and Hook by Fudge. No samples.

Tempo124 BPM


You can purchase the beat by clicking the Buy button at the bottom of the beat player

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Showing 7 comments
  • mixx blood

    get at me
    was wondering if i could use this ill get the basic lease

  • Lonzell Boyd

    Whats up to whom ever this concern……..
    i listen to this beat with the hook and im feeling it so im writing you to see if me and my potna can put a verse to it.
    im not a big name i dont even have a buzz to be honest i just got out the joint and im tryna network with people to get a buzz going so if u read this and your not caught up bout working with me on some test the water type shit just to see wat we bring then hit my email.

  • Andres

    Honestly I want the premium. I got 2 verses and I’m ready. I can’t wait to build up the money and get the exclusive package.

    • Valentine

      Feel free to hit me up via mail if you have any questions or in case you are looking for payment plans

  • luis guardado

    Im trying to purchase but it doesn’t let me use my visa

    • Valentine

      Please contact us via mail. Mabye we can help you fixing the problem.

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