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If you want to use our beats you have to give credit to Valentine Beats by providing a link to our website (Beat by and include ‘prod. by Valentine’ in the title of the song(s).

Hip Hop Beats and Rap Instrumentals that you can download from our website are delivered as low quality .mp3 files, limited to non-profit use and contain vocal protection tags. If you need untagged and high quality .wav files in order to use the beat instrumentals for profitable purposes, you must purchase a license first. Visit our How To Buy Beats page for more info on the different licensing options we offer or browse our Rap Beats Catalog to purchase a license.
All licensing prices are at low and reasonable rates so that you can afford to buy our beats and record your songs to pursue a musical career. You can buy one of our Hip Hop Beats, Rap Instrumentals, Trap Beats, or Beats With Hooks starting at only $19.95 for the smallest license and you’re legally covered to sell your single or album, perform live shows and have your music video streamed on YouTube, Vimeo or Vevo.
We are offering a free download option for our beats so you can check if your vocals work with our beats or if you want to showcase your skills and songs in non-profit projects. All you need to do in return is to provide a link to our website and to follow the simple rules listed below.

What You Can Do with your recorded song:

  • Post your song on your personal website or community sites like YouTube or Soundcloud (no monetization allowed), Soundclick, Facebook, HotNewHipHop or Reverbnation where people can listen to your song for free (credit for the beat has to be given by providing a link to our website
  • Use our beats in your video on YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc. as background music (no monetization allowed). Credit has to be given to us in the video description (Beat by Valentine Beats:
  • Put your song on a free demo/promotional CD or mixtape
  • Use our beat(s) for listening and freestyling purposes

What You Can’t Do with your recorded song:

  • Sell your song for any type of monetary gain or to cover expenses (includes selling downloads for $0.99)
  • Perform with our beats at live shows or concerts (even non-profitable events)
  • Use for Radio play or TV broadcasting
  • Post our beats for download on a website without your vocals over the beat

Any commercial usage, profitable release or performance usage of our beat(s) is prohibited until you purchase a license on our website. Please visit our How To Buy Beats page for purchasing and licensing information.

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